Hot Shot: The Lion King Tour Celebrates 10 Years on the Road with a Cake Fit for Royalty

Hot Shot 05/03/12

To commemorate a decade of touring across the U.S., the stars of the national tour of The Lion King headed to home base—Disney World, of course! Many past and present company members from the tour attended the party, which was held at Epcot’s World ShowPlace on April 30. Check out this pic taken by Ali Nasser, which features tour stars Syndee Winters (Nala), Jelani Remy (Simba), Buyi Zama (Rafiki), Dionne Randolph (Mufasa) and J. Anthony Crane (Scar) huddled around a cake fit for a king! Feast your eyes on that iconic logo immortalized in cake—at least until it was eaten. The Lion King is currently playing at Orlando’s Bob Carr Performing Arts Centre through May 13.

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The Lion King

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